Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about purchasing a holiday home at Oaklands Park – if you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to call the Oaklands office and we will be happy to help!


Where do I start?

We can provide you with various information about owning your own holiday home at Oaklands Park in Cornwall. This includes new or second hand holiday homes. In both cases, purchase payments are made to us as the park owners – you should not pay anyone else directly for their holiday home.

About the holiday homes

At Oaklands Park we have a selection of plots available to accommodate new holiday homes of your choice and to suit your budget.  All new homes are provided with central heating and double glazing, LPG piped gas, skirting, steps and a 6’ x 4’ garden store with parking area next to your holiday home. Relax and enjoy the peace and quiet at Oaklands Park, (11-month season from 1st March – 31st January, holiday purposes only).

Prices of new holiday homes

The ‘turnkey price’ includes; transport, delivery, siting, connection to services (includes piped gas), steps, storage unit and parking bay.  Please see our separate list of holiday homes for sale, both new and previously owned for what is currently available.

What rights and obligations are there?

All holiday home owners have a formal, written Licence Agreement. The Licence Agreement sets out the obligations of both the holiday home owner and the park owner and includes the park rules. Please ask for a sample copy if you would like more details.

Can I live in my lodge or caravan?

No. You can stay in it while you are on holiday but you must live somewhere else. We will require you to provide the address of your main residence, which must be your home.  We will require proof of your residential address and you must provide proof by way of suitable documents eg: recent utility bills, current council tax bill, and driving licence or similar. We will require up to date copies of these documents on an annual basis.

How long can my holiday home stay at Oaklands Park?

We offer purchasers of new holiday homes a Licence Agreement for 20 years and 40 years for 20ft wide lodge holiday homes.

Are there any other rules?

There is a set of park rules that apply to everyone who owns a holiday home or visits Oaklands Park.

When can I use my holiday home?

Oaklands Park is open for 11 months of the year, from 1st March to 31st January.

Can I sublet my holiday home?

Oaklands Park does not permit commercial subletting, although family and friends are welcome to stay at your holiday home.

What about maintenance on my holiday home?

You are responsible for maintaining your own holiday home. We can provide advice and can put you in touch with local tradesmen.

What facilities are available on the parks?

At Oaklands Park there are laundry facilities, outdoor play areas and a large dog exercise area.  Well maintained grounds, recycling and composting areas and of course, peace & quiet to enjoy your holiday home!

What are the annual costs?

Pitch fees and rates are payable each year on 1st February and 1st April respectively.

Holiday Homes (up to 14ft wide)
Pitch fees: £2,845.70 per annum including VAT

Rates: £478.28 per annum including VAT

Holiday Lodges (20ft wide)
Pitch fees: £3,365.71 per annum including VAT

Rates: £515.00 per annum including VAT

Water/drainage, gas and electricity are metered and billed quarterly at Oaklands Park.

How do I sell my holiday home?

All sales of holiday homes are documented through Acorn Parks Ltd. This applies to a sale to a new owner or family or friend. Please let us know in writing if you wish to sell your holiday home and we can provide you with more details of the procedure. The re-sale procedure is also set out in the Licence Agreement, which includes our entitlement to 15% commission plus VAT.

Did you know? Oaklands Park has a sister park Meadow Lakes, nr St Austell, Cornwall…

Holiday Homes are also available at Meadow Lakes along with a wide range of holiday rental accommodation and facilities. Including four fishing lakes, outdoor swimming pool and spa, Cosy Cafe, children’s play areas, a play barn, on site shop, animal petting area and of course, peace and quiet to spend time together…